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- Bivongi
- Marmarico Waterfalls
- Monastery of S.Giovanni Therystis

149 km from Reggio (46km from Siderno; 18km from Monasterace Marina) there is Bivongi. To get to the village there is a flyoverthe starts before getting into Monasterace Marina, and about 10km later ther’s a crossroad that takes to the village. Bivongi, centre of ancient cultural and economical traditions, is situated into a green hollow and lapped by the fiumare Meodari and Stilaro. Just outside the village there is the road that takes to the spectacular Marmarico Waterfalls that are considered among the highest and most enchanting in Italy. To get to the waterfalls is possible to follow the trekking path, following the medium high course of the Stilaro river, and after a hour walk, getting to the “Bagni di Guida”, beautiful pools immersed into vegetation, or is possible to hire jeeps to follow the water system for about 9km. The Bivongi territory is home to the Monastery of San Giovanni Theristys, precious example byzantine-norman architecture of the XI cent., only orthodox monastery building present in Italy. To get to the monastery, immersed into silence and meditative landscape that has determined its choice of location, the road to be followed is the one that goes back towards Monasterace’s crossroad, then pass the bridge over the river Stilaro and begins to go up. Recently restored, has been reopened to the greek-orthodox cult and is ran by the monks of the Athos Mount of Greece.

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