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130 km from Reggio(30km from Siderno), passed through the Monasterace Marina villane, going north there are the ruins of the ancient Kaulon, magnificent city of Magna Graecia. On the promontory of the Punta di Stilo area, are visible the rests of the sumptuous doric temple and its base, of remarkable dimensions, the urban structure of the city, and the rests of some houses with mosaic decorations. Following the main road, after the crossroad to Monasterace (138mt. a.s.l), going into the inner area for about 4km there is the village. Well visible is the medieval structure: its city walls, the city doors and the castle of the XVIcent. The tradition says that the village was born around a monastery, from which the village took its name, that belonged to the Rodi Knights, an order that used to assist the pilgrims that went to Holy Land. Every three years in May there is the festival of the “Territorio”, in honour to S.Andrea Avellino. The procession that passes through all the municipal routes, following the wooden statue of the saint, is unique in Italy because its route doesn’t only pass through the populated village but also around alleys narrow roads and the fiumara.

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