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About 120km from Reggio Calabria (10km from Siderno,40km from Monasterace Marina) there is the sea centre of Siderno, one of the most modern and active town of the ionic coast both from an industrial point and active tourism section, that works all over the Riviera. Its promenade is embellished by bronze operas of the sidernese sculptor G. Correale, gracious palaces built at the beginning of the 900 that frame the church of S.Maria dell’Arco, where is kept the wooden statue of the Madonna della Pace, made out of a single piece of walnut. During the “Rassegna del dolce tipico” is possible to sample typical Easter pastries. Going back onto the SS106, from Risorgimento Squareis the road that after 5km, takes to Siderno Superiore district (192mt.a.s.l), founded around the X cent. following the escape of the sidernesi in the inner land to escape the Saracen attacks along the coast. Falletti Palace, de Mojà Palace, Fragomeni Palace all hold the memory of noble palaces; S. Nicola church keeps an altar realised in 1751, made with splendid polychrome marbles. Going into the inner land after 10km there is Canolo, ancient village of dubious origins. Its name derives from the greek Kanalos, fountain. Canolo presents a spectacular view, as it’s surrounded by stone caves of a red colour on which domain the so called “Dolomiti del Sud” spires.
Going back onto the coast there is the Pantaleo Diga, splendid blu scenery among the green of the mountain.

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