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About 118 km from Reggio (15km from Siderno; 12km from Monasterace Marina), following the directions to the small cliff, there is Castelletto di S.Fili, tower built as a defensive structure in 500, then modified by the masters of the land to make it a residential area. The castle has been put in to the group of italian monuments to preserve by Legambiente in 1996.
Going back onto the coast, 7km away from Riace Marina into the inner land there is the ancient basilean centre of Riace. Enchanting the Sanctuary dedicated to SS Damiano and Cosimo, saint “doctors” of the byzantine and norman culture; it was Bartolomeo, son of the norman count Ruggero and head of the monastic greek church that wanted its realisation. During the barbarian invasions protecting walls around the district were built, with control towers and access doors. Seriously damaged by the 1783 earthquake, the town was rebuilt following the architectonic logic of the Middle Ages. It is possible to admire splendid 1700’ palaces: Alvaro Palace, built deep into a garden of palm and secular trees; Palazzo Campoliti, two storey building with an arched stone portal that has rectangular and diamond point shaped ashlars, Palazzo Pinnaṛ, today Ethnographic Museum, as well on two storeys with valuable stroked iron balconies. Once out of the building going towards Stignano, in the Scinà district there is Villa Caristo, a splendid example of baroque art and 700’ architecture in Calabria. The Villa, which belongs to the omonimous family, is regularly home to parties and ceremonies, both in its halls and outside, in the beautiful garden rich of fountains and sculptures.

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