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Characterised by vast areas of secular olive and orange groves, the territory extends from the Tyrrhenian coast to Aspromonte’s slopes, boarding with the Serre. In the middle of it develops the Piana di Gioia Tauro. Numerous are the spring of mineral and hot mineral waters: “del Grillo” of Giffone, in the Zomero area and in Galateo, where we find the main thermal bath centre of the province. Thanks to a tunnel that crosses the mountains of the Limina and to the dual carriage way “Ionian-Tyrrhenian” is possible to reach in a brief time the other reggina coast.
Gioa Tauro’s port, with more than 3 million moved Teu every year, and a prospect of trashipment that keeps on growing, represents the strategic and logistic platform of the Mediterranean. Even is been active just a few years, thanks to its 3.145 mt of wharfs and a back port area of 1.240.000 msq., it has become one of the principal port in the world. The sea depths that reach till 14 mt., allow the docking of over 6.000 Teu.
Gioia Tauro’s port
Photo Archive Province of Reggio Calabria - Photo by: Silvana Kuhtz
An olive tree
Photo Archive Province of Reggio Calabria - Photo by: Silvana Kuhtz
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