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The territory of this area is characterised by the variety of its landscape, with beech, willow and white fir woods; the rare Woodwardia radicans fern, and ample fields of secular olive and orange groves. Among them, is typical the production of clementines, precocious tangerines that, thanks to the unique climate, reach their ripeness in the first few days of October. The Piana di Gioia Tauro presents fertile lands, thanks to the reclamation started in 1818 by the marquis Nunziata and continued in the following decades by the Nation. Differently from the ionian area, characterised by the fiumare, here we have the presence of rivers, along which shores develop some fluvial parks with the presence of ancient mills.
Numerous are the sulphureous and mineral spring waters, like the ones in the Zomaro and in Galatro, where there is a modern thermal baths spa. The benign action of the waters that are born from one of Monte Livia’s gorges was discovered by the basilean monks that lived in S.Elia’s monastery in the VIII century. The Aspromonte area offers a wide variety of mushrooms, that made of Giffone, one of the most interesting natural area, the main place of production.
Evocative sunset over the sea
Photo Archive Province of Reggio Calabria - Photo by: Vincenzo Beltempo
Detail of an orange grove
Photo Archive Province of Reggio Calabria - Photo by: Bruno Gaglioti


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