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The artistic heritage of Reggio Calabria’s province reflects its historical events and guards priceless treasures of prehistorical times and Magna Graecia’s culture. This journey will take us into all those places that still witness the culture of this land , like the byzantine –norman spirituality, S.Giovanni Terrestì Basilica in Bivongi or Gerace’s Cathedral, or some private buildings, like Villa Caristo in Stignano, built in the XVIII century, Villa Palizzi in Casignana, which still presents an untouched floor mosaic, and Villa del Naniglio in Gioiosa Jonica.

The art of the past is connected to the traditional craftmanship that, thanks to the shops that have been passed on from generation to generation, is still active especially in small centres where most of the valuable materials of nature are available. Like the renowned Seminara ceramics: among them the apotropaiche masks, that were said to keep the evil spirits away and that today have assumed a mainly decorative role. Weaving is another art that goes back to the greeks and romans. Like then, the working of the broom plant allows to produced fabrics of good quality and strenght.
Art and culture intertwine in symbols and popular traditions and are proposed over and over in folkloristic and religious festivals that are a typical characteristic of the province.

The historical photo of the finding of the Bronzi di Riace
Photo Archive Province of Reggio Calabria - Photo by: Ugo Franco
Caristo Villa
Photo Archive Province of Reggio Calabria - Photo by: Paula Kajzar
Teresti monastery
Photo Archive Province of Reggio Calabria - Photo by: Ugo Franco
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