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Seen from the plane the province of Reggio Calabria, extreme tip of the italian boot, looks like an enormous mountain caressed by the sea.
Aspromonte, between Palmi and Capo Zefiro, south from Locri, touches the sea with its spurs, that become sea-depths of evocative colours; in the north it embraces from one side the Piana di Gioia Tauro, with its ample terraces that descend green in olive and orange groves between S. Cristina and Delianuova, and from the other side it stretches out into the crest of Melia, that grows like a long arm to the borders of Vibo Valentiaís Province. Aspromonte is the main character of the province: it dominates most of the territory and, thanks to the National Park itís still a guardian of great forests, and of torrents that fall down hill with evocative waterfalls to become lakes, or to disappear into streams. But also the sea is everywhere, with its charm, its colours and its lights. Long and warm beaches delineate its coastlines, opening towards the so close Sicily and the great Etna, that are a completing part to the landscape, and that are visible from the first part of the ionic coast, from the Viola Coast, from Palmi and from Aspromonte.
The province is rich with contraddictions, the colours are both violent and delicate: the purple of the Tyrrhenian sea, the pale blue of the Ionian, the deep green of the moors on the rocky slopes of Scilla and Bagnara, and the green of the orange groves which is everywhere on the plains. And then the smells: the sweet jasmine of the ionic coast, the strong oregano along the cliffs that overlook the mountains, an unbelievable quantity of medicinal herbs, the smell of the sea, full of balmy moistures that mix together, along the seascape, with the bittersweet smell of citrus fruits and bergamot, that bears fruit only in this territory, or the smell of the oil of just pressed olives.
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