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Gioia Tauro

Gioia Tauro is at the centre of the Piana to which gave the name, and has its exit on the 410 km on the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria and is crossed by the SS18 Tirrenica Inferiore of Gioia Tauro, and although there isn’t any sea refreshment areas is one of the preferred destinations by the tourists thanks to its beach that continues for a few km from the mouth of the Budello to the Petrace one. Characteristic of this litoreal strip is the wharf, built in 1955, where fishermen often go to.
Among the adviced areasto enjoy an unforgettable view are the Parco delle Rimembranze, the balcony of Sant.Antonio, and the Piano delle Fosse from where is possible to admire a view that goes from the Messina strait to Capo Vaticano. In the clearest days is possible to see the Eolie islands with the beautiful Stromboli that is often seen smoking from afar.
One of the buildings that is advised to visit in Gioia are the old “Cisterne”,which construction goes back to the early 1800. Other places to visit are the ruins of the ancient oil refinery “Gaslini”, the Cathedral, the churches of Sant’Antonio, of the Immacolata and of Madonna of Portosalvo, the ancient Baldari Palazzo and the Tre Canali fountain.
Far 1 km away from Gioia’s centre it is possible to walk through the Petrace path, the ancient Maturo river that the greeks used to use for commercial exchanges in the Piana area. Today is no longer navigable, but it’s still rich in vegetation and eels.

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