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95 km from Reggio (5 km from Siderno; 35 km from Monasterace Marina) along the SS106 there is the archeological area Locri Epizephyrii, 3km distant from the new Locri centre, and defined as the pillar of Calabria’s archeology. Home to Zaleuco, first legislator of the western world, and to Nosside, gracious and passionate poetess, Lokroi, greek colony founded in the VII cent. B.C., has been one of the most important Magna Graecia’s city of Calabria.
In the Antiquarium rooms are displayed rich collections of votive objects and findings of the ionic and dorian temples of the ancient city;outside it is possible to access the archeological area of the Masarà temple and the diggings of Centocamere. Going further deep into the road on the right side of the Antiquarium, after 1km there is the Portigliola area where, in the Pirettina district, there are the ruins of a greek-roman theatre, that since a few years in August is home the Classical Theatre season, during which greek tragedies and comedies are played. In a stone Casket are kept precious bronze images, engraved in dorian dialect, that belong to the administrative archive of the city of Lokroi.
Going back onto the SS106, towards Locri, at the first traffic lights there is the road to Gerace, (500mt. a.s.l.) , about 10km away.
So called the “Holy City” for is numerous churches, convents and monasteries, it’s a perfectly preserved medieval village, divided into Borgo Maggiore, Largo Piano, Borghetto and Città Alta. At the top of the Città Alta district there are the remains of a Castle and a splendid view that goes from the feet of Aspromonte to the sea. The tradition says that inside the castle there is grotto where S.Antonio lived, inside which there was a water spring that was considered miraculous. In Piazza Tribuna there is a byzantine-romanic-norman style Cathedral, the biggest masonry temple of Calabria; in Piazza delle tre Chiese there is S.Francesco church with a triple arabian-swabian arched window and a magnificent triumphal arch, finely inlayed polychrome marbles, and S.Giovanni Cristomo church, byzantine church for Calabria, that depends directly from the greek orthodox Metropolìa, and the Sacro Cuore church, with a baroque façade and portal and a dome “a coppo sporgente”. Going down towards the doors of the city there is the “walk of the Bombarde”, that allows to admire a unique view, and that extends for all the area of the Riviera, from Punta Stilo to Capo Spartivento (about 50km of coastline).

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