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113 km from Reggio (10 km from Siderno; 20 km from Monasterace Marina) there is Roccella Jonica, active touristic and cultural centre of the riviera, of which ancient part stands on a rock that surrounds the new centre, very fine sea area. The rocky coast is dominated by the rests of the medieval castle and a small church, easily reachable with a walk; below the rock there is the Madonna delle Grazie Sanctuary,erected in 500’. Towards the end of August every year there is “Rumori Mediterranei”, the notorious International Jazz Festival. Going back onto the SS 106, 3 km far there is Caulonia Marina; going in to the area towards Caulonia, about 8km away there is the ancient village, probably born after the escape of the survivors of the ancient Kaulon, that hid on the hill, not distant from the original city, to avoid further roman attacks. Feudal land at the end of the XIII cent. (last owners the Carafa), mantains a medieval aspect domained by the Castle. On the holy saturday there is the Caracolo, religious festival that joins the whole riviera, and that ows its name to the word of arabian origin that means “going round”: the festival is characterised by a procession that goes round the village, where people carry on their shoulder eight statues that represent the last moment of Jesus life. Apart from the beauty of the statues, the rules of movement of the procession are enchanting: the groups of people move, winding and slow, till getting back to its starting point. At the end of August takes also place the music festival “Tarantella Caulonia Festival”, with Eugenio Bennato as the godfather. During the music festival, linked to the preservation of the traditions of dances and ethnic music, courses of music instruments and traditional dances are organised.

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