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88 km from Reggio (14 km from Siderno; 45 km from Monasterace Marina), following the SS106 north, there is Ardore Marina, going into the inner land, about 6km in, there is the ancient village of Ardore. The foundation of the centre goes back to the prehistorical time, and was then colonised by the greeks and romans to become a feudal land. In the historical centre there is the castle, of the 600’, with a square base. Originally at its corners, there were four towers, two cilindrical and two square.
Going back onto the SS106 and keeping north, after 2 km the road goes back up into the inner side to get to the village of Bombile. Passed the town centre there is the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Grotta. To get to the unique temple there are 145 steps, through which is possible to get to the grotto that is digged into the sandy part of a perpendicular wall, that caved in in May 2004, luckily without any damage to the interior. It was friar Jacopo da Tropea, augustinian hermit, to begin it in 1507 , as he wanted to cave a grotto where he could retire to meditate. The church was built and consacrated in 1525, and inside it was brought a statue of the Madonna with the Baby, a white Carrara marble opera by the Gagini school that is still there today. The festival dedicated to the sanctuary is on the 3rd of May, when, during the pre and post procession restoration moments, is possible to sample the “Pitta di Maju”, typical filled bun.
Going onto the S.Ilario road and into the inner land for 6 km, after passing Sant’Ilario dello Ionio, there is Condojanni, a village stuck on top of a rocky spur, where are still visible the remains of the walls of an ancient castle and the ruins of the Dominican convent with, beside it, the Santa Maria della Pietà.

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