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148 km from Reggio (45km from Siderno; 10km from Monasterace Marina) there is Stilo. To get to the village there is a flyover that starts before getting into Monasterace Marina, and around 15 km after there is the village. Stilo (400mt a.s.l), is one of the most interesting towns of Calabria for its medeval and baroque traces. Notorious for having given birth to the philosopher Tommaso Campanella, authour of the “City of the Sun”, presents one of the main traces of the byzantine time: La Cattolica, beautiful X cent. temple. The Cathedral with its significative gothic portal, goes back to the Middle Ages; a walk through the district allows to enjoy beautiful fountains and well preserved alleys, to then get to the ruins of the norman castle, in the high part of the town, at the feet of Consolino mountain. Every first week of August, since 1997, is possible to attend to the “Palio di Ribusa”, an event that was given back to Stilo’s culture after 280 years. The town rediscover the magical medieval time, and the participants in costume mix down the streets together with jugglers, fire eaters, and knights on horses ready to challenge each other with the games. Going into the inner area, after 2km, there is Pazzano (410mt a.s.l.) and not distant, on the top of the mountain, the Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Monte Stella, evocative cave that used to be occupied by the basilean monks and is today a place of continuous pilgrimage. Among the many procession that represent the Transfiguration of Christ the most important is the one on the second sunday of August (apart from when the liturgical day of the 6th falls on a sunday), called the “Confrunta”: Christ, Mary and Joseph statues are carried around the village, to celebrate the moment of the family joined together again after the loss and finding of Jesus in the Temple.

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