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Moving from Reggio Calabria, going through the new port junction, direction Pentimele, there is Gallico, important linking area for the traffic between the mountain and the sea and agricultural areas. From Gallico Marina is possibile to get onto the SS184 towards Gambarie d’Aspromonte from the square in which is erected the War Memorial of the First World War. From here we get to Gallico Superiore with its Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, one of the four jubilee area of the Strait, to which is connected the “ Parco della Mondialità”. Going back onto the SS184 towards the coast and following the SS18 towards Villa San Giovanni there is Catona that in the Bellum Siculum time (between the 43 B.C. and the 36 B.C.) was one of the main stop for its strategic position over the Strait. The legend that makes the village more famous is the passing of San Francesco di Paola, who in 1464, together with a brother, crossed the Strait on his cloak. On the SS18, direction Reggio, stands the Sanctuary of San Francesco da Paola that has been rebuilt after the earthquake of 1908. Above Gallico’s valley there is Catona’s Fortress made out of structures stuck into the ground into a C shape. Not far from Catona we find the characteristic area of Villa San Giuseppe that, from its military fort called Fortino di Arghillà and built in the 1800 by the French, offers one of the most panoramic views over the coast.

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