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Myths and legends embrace Reggio Calabria:
Where Apsia, the most sacred of the river, throws itself into the sea, you’ll find a woman joined with a man; there found a city because the God is giving you the land of Ausonia”. Following these words of the Delphi oracle, a group of calcidians ventured into the Ionian sea, and when, on the Calabrian coast, they saw a grapevine intertwined with a wild fig, they understood that was where they had to stop. This is the legend that wants Reggio Calabria founded by them, about 3000 years ago. The choice of this strip of land for the construction of the beautiful Rhegion (its ancient name), was due to the need of having a good sea base, that together with Zancle, the actual Messina, could allow a total control over the strait, which was the commercial transit key for the greeks over the Tyrrhenian. Reghion is therefore built and made an autonomous centre. Through the centuries it had various dominations, but also many natural disasters. The first earthquakes that shocked the population and the territory go back to 1783. in the 1800’s Reggio was mainly rebuilt, dedicating its main road with its new neo-classical public and private buildings to Giuseppe Garibaldi.
After just over a century (on the 28th December of 1908), another earthquake that also provoked a seaquake destroyed the whole city. It was then necessary to build it all again, task that was given to the engineer Pietro de Nava. The city was again born more beautiful and alive, always growing in time with the joining of the surrounding districts.
View of Reggio’s Promenade
Promenade of Lido train station
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