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62km from Reggio Calabria there is Brancaleone Marina, 12 mt a. s. l.(40 km from Siderno; 78km from Monasterace Marina), which is reachable following the S.S.106 going north along the Ionian coast. The populated centre, born along the ancient Sperlonga, is famous to have given hospitality to the writer Cesare Pavese, who was confined there in 1935 during the fascist dictatorship. In more recent years it has become a seaside touristic centre with good accomodating structures. Quite near there is Torre Sperlongara, a protecting tower built in the XV century, on a burial site of roman times, used by the Vicerè Don Fabrizio Pignatelli, who included it in the defensive system of calabrian coasts during the spanish dominion.

Going in the inner areas, around 1km away, there is the road that takes to Brancaleone Superiore (280 mt a.s.l.), ancient village (noble calabrian families’ fief, like the Ruffo and the Scalea) placed on top of a cliff, that shows the ruins of its castle and the remains of the church dedicated to the Madonna all’Annunziata. In the highest area of the ancient village there are some caves that were once occupied by some hermits that gave it the name of Sperlonga, latin for cave.

Following for around 3km, the main road, taking the crossroad towards Staiti, there is the Batia district, with the remains of Santa Maria di Tridetti, Byzantine-Norman abbey of the XI century that has been for almost a millennium a religious and spiritual centre. Following the inner road there is Staiti (550mt. a.s.l.), small historical centre with a medieval map, with S. Maria della Vittoria’s church, where a 1652 Madonna with the Baby is kept, whilst one of S.Anna is outside.

Going back towards Brancaleone Marina, about 2km, there is Bruzzano Zeffirio (82mt a.s.l.), new populated centre built to replace the ancient village of Bruzzano Vecchio (120mt a.s.l.), destroyed by the earthquake of 1908. The ancient centre keeps on the Armena Rock the fortressof the Cafari princes (138mt a.s.l.), where recently numerous burnt and headless skeletons have been found.

Of great interest are the spring waters, better known as “Piccole Terme di San Piantino” and “l’Acqua di Munda”, that are born at the Motticella feet (120mt. a.s.l.), ancient part of Bruzzano. On the road that goes to Ferruzzano Superiore there is the Santa Maria della Catena’s Sanctuary, assigne as the centre of the jubilee for the year 2000, and 6 km from here there is Ferruzzano (460mt. a.s.l.), village of medieval origins with interesting architectonic characteristics and granite portals.

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