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Not far from the Ercole Promontory, that is Capo Spartivento, along the axle of the S.S.106 there is Spropoli, a small developing populated centre. Known by the folklore conoisseurs as “the village by the marble hills in the oleanders valley”, has really beautiful beaches and sea. Following the S.S.106, towards Reggio Calabria, there is Palizzi Marina, which spreads onto the Ionian sea with a beach long around 7km. Apart from the Palizzi Tower also known as Mozza, built in 1595, Palizzi Marina presents an archeological area of great interest, where is possible to admire the ruins of a Roman villa of the IV century B.C.
From Palizzi Marina is possible to go back up toward the ovewrlooking hills and, following 11km of a twisting and narrow road we come to Palizzi (272 mt a.s.l.). The village, that was certainly already populated in the Middle Ages, presents itself as an almost untouched urban centre, constructed with houses of Middle Ages system, with a gigantic rock overhanging on it, where a quite well preserved castle still stands. Inside the populated area there are the St.Anna protopapale church, the Principale Chiesa della Terra di Palizzi; the Madonna del Carmine extra moenia’s church, firstly founded in 1573; St. Sebastiano’s church, St. Francesco’s church and SS. Redentore’s church.

Following 9km more towards the mountains in a north-east direction, there is the area of Pietrapennata (673 mt), small town set in a real mountain landscape. Here, in the Alica zone, there are ruins of an ancient Basilean Abbey that was under the name of St. Maria della Lica or Alica. Inside it is kept a half-lenght precious statue of the Madonna della Alica of around ‘500, and a church bell dated 1626.

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