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Melito Porto Salvo (28 mt. a. s.l.), one of the most populated centres of the Ionic coast and main centre to the surrounding villages due to its many services, is only 20km away from Reggio Calabria and it’s reachable through the S.S.106. the urban centre presents various newly built villas by the pleasent architectonic lines. In the fraction of Porto Salvo it is possible to visit the Sanctuary of the Madonna, spiritual centre for many sailors. Very beautiful are also the beaches that get very crowded in the summertime. In the context of national history, Melito is especially mentioned because of two landings of Garibaldi in 1860 and 1862 that are remembered with the Garibaldi Grave-Mausoleum on the Rumbolo beach.

Around the Annà area it is also possible to visit Palazzo Ramirez o Casina dei Mille where Garibaldi spent the night on the 19th of August 1860, and on which front is still visible a Bourbon cannon ball stuck in its structure.

7 km away from Melito, on an imposing cliff in the shape of a hand, there is the ancient village of Pentidattilo (that means “five fingers”), left abandoned for years and today being restored. There are information about Pentidattilo since 640 B.C. when it was founded by the Calcidesi, and it remained a flourishing centre till the roman time. Considered as one of the most picturesque areas of Calabria, Pentidattilo is ruled by the remains of the Castle, where in the far Easter night of 1686, the massacre of the Alberti family was consumed by the hand of the Bernardino Abenavoli, Baron of Montebello and in love with Antonietta Alberti.
There are many legends and popular stories linked to this happening. Pentidattilo has also to be remembered because it was the birthplace of Pietro Vitali, humanist of the XV century, and of the major exponent of greek culture. With its pictouresque alleys it is possible to enjoy evocative sea and mountain views and it will be interesting to visit S.S. Pietro and Paolo’s church and also the Candelora’s church built in the XVII century.

Going back from Melito on the coast through the S.S.183 it is possible to stop in Bagaladi. The village is situated at the feet of Mount Pezzi and on the right side of the Tuccio fiumara, and it seems that some Basilean monks gave life to it. Many monasters have been built here: St. Michele, St. Teodoro, St. Fantino and St. Angelo. To mention is the Madonnina dell’Ulivo, a bronze statue placed on a balcony in the San Giovanni area, from where it’s possible to admire the all village. Is also interesting to see San Teodoro’s church, that built in 1940, keeps in a lateral chapel a 1504 white marble group of the Santissima Annunziata, attributed to Antonello Gagini, and an interestingly made white marble cross that goes back to the XVI century.

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