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From Melito Porto Salvo, itís possibile to reach San Lorenzo following the S.S. 183. placed between the Melito fiumara and the one of the Amendolea, this village is 787 mt. , and 45 km from Reggio Calabria. Built around an ancient Basilean convent, of which is still possible to see the ruins, was founded by the Marina population that sheltered there to escape the numerous piratical attacks. Entering the village, in Regina Margheritra square, there is an ancient elm tree that with its local stone base constitutes a real natural monument.
In front of the tree stands the central church of San Lorenzo that keeps inside a marble statue of the Madonna della Neve of XVI century, and a wooden statue of San Lorenzo dated Ď700.

Close interesting sites to San Lorenzo are: San Fantinoís church built in 1953 on the remains of the ancient Basilean monastery; San Pasquale Baylonís church (XIX), in the Chorio zone; SS Trinitŗís church in the Marina zone; San Pantaleoneís church, in the omonimous zone; san Francescoís zone in the Lanzina zone; the Castle of the Barons, built at the end of the 18th century; the sanctuary of Maria SS Assunta della Cappella, placed in the omonimous zone and built in the XVII century, keeps an evocative icon of the Black Madonna that seems to go back to the XII century.

Left behind the populated centre of San Lorenzo, the road goes on with many bends untill reaching Roccaforte del Greco. Standing on a mountain 935 mts. high and anciently called Vunž (mountain), it is one of the villages that represent the greek community in Calabria.
In the populated area itís easy to recognize the ancient inhabited area with small and simple houses and the San Roccoís church, restored a few years back, where a XV century statue of the Madonna with the Baby is kept. In the proximities, around Chorio di Roccaforte itís possible to admire the Byzantine church of the Tripepi family, built around the second half of 1700.

Going back onto the S.S.183, towards the coast, leaving Melito and followed the s.S.106 there is Marina di San Lorenzo and Condofuri Marina. Passing this last area there is a crossroad towards San Carlo and going higher after 5km there is a right turning to arrive to Amendolea. This small medieval village, placed on a rock in the omonimous fiumara, still preserves the ruins of a Norman castle and of a few ancient Byzantine churches. Going back towards the route to Condofuri Superiore there is GallicianÚ, ancient bulwark of greek culture, of very ancient traditions. Here, the ancient greek language is still spoken and the roads are appointed to the greek gods praised by Homer. Interesting to see are the catholic church of San Giovanni Battista and the small temple of Santa Maria della Grecia, in which byzantine monks still practice the orthodox ritual.

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